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for local charities, since the first Crazy K in 2011

Which Crazy K Race Is Right For You?


Classic K traditional 5k

You’re not an amphibian, nor do you have time to still be cleaning mud out of your ears a week after a race. You just want to get down to business & feel the wind blowing through your perfectly clean hair. Whether you want to walk or sprint the whole way, the Classic K Traditional 5K Run is the perfect race for you. We’ll applaud you & your brightly-colored running shoes right through the finish line!


Crazy K Mud Run

Get Crazy! Get Dirty! The Crazy K Mud Run is a 5k run that will take you through the wettest & muddiest obstacles of your life. Invite your friends & let the adventurers inside of you have a filthy field day!


K2 Challenge

You like to mix it up & want the best of both worlds. The K2 Challenge gives you an opportunity to race in both the Mud Run & the ClassicK Traditional 5k Run. Push yourself to the limit and join this elite group of athletes who have the stamina to complete the K2 Challenge!

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