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Get Your Favorite Deejay Muddy

Photo courtesy of photographer Kim Fritchey

We want radio personalities Josh & Ashmo from Q96 and Stevie Jay from 93.5 | 95.3 Connect FM to run the first 20 yards of the race (a.k.a. “The Tatman’s Muddy Mayhem Crawl”) to launch this year’s CarX Crazy K, but we need your help. They all say that they won’t get their hair wet and muddy for anything less than $5,000 donated by the fans of their stations.

As an added bonus, whatever team raises the most money gets to pick the other team’s outfit. This could get really interesting!

Support Stevie Jay if you think he should get to choose what outfits Josh & Ashmo have to wear to open the CarX Crazy K festivities!

Support Josh & Ashmo if you think they should choose what outfit Stevie Jay has to wear to open the CarX Crazy K festivities!

Click Here to listen to the radio segment where they announce “The Stevie Jay Challenge.”

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